Ingraham on Exec Amnesty: ‘What Is the Point?’ of Having GOP Congress

Ingraham on Exec Amnesty: ‘What Is the Point?’ of Having GOP Congress

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham railed against the Republican Party’s reaction to the president’s executive action on immigration on Friday, wondering “what is the point of even having a Republican Congress?”

She began by stating “call up Pete Sessions’ (R-TX) office, see if they’ll join us, see if he’ll have a conversation with me about what they’re planning to do with this immigration reform, what they’re planning to do to sell out American worker. I know this issue. Come on this show, and actually debate someone who knows this issue. I know Zuckerberg won’t do it. I know Marc Andreessen won’t do it. I know none of these these people in the high-tech world will do it. You know why? Because they know that politicians on Capitol Hill will do their dirty work for them. They don’t have to debate anybody. They’re the Masters of the Universe. They can build their borders, their fences, they can buy the four properties around their homes to secure their perimeters. But to heck with the rest of us who want our perimeters secured. They don’t care about that. Last time I checked, it was pretty hard to get into the U.S. Capitol without the proper credentials. They’ve made it really difficult for the public even to get into the US Capitol to watch what’s going on… so the perimeter works for the US Capitol, the perimeter works for the White House, the perimeter works for the Facebook founder, but we don’t deserve a perimeter we just deserve to have to work harder and harder, year after year for less money that’s what they think of us…we’re battling the left on the phony race issue and we’re battling the so-called conservatives on Capitol Hill in selling us out on wages and jobs. So this is where people just want to throw up their hands, but you can’t we have to keep fighting.”

Ingraham then declared “Why do I know they’re going to sell you out on immigration question? Yesterday, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH) did a little press conference… [in which] he would not commit to [defunding executive amnesty next year]… We had a lot of these Senators and Congressmen campaigning on pledges to defund executive amnesty… This was never about shutting down the government. This was about the American people seeing that John Boehner was going to stand up for them… I heard none of the defiant language and none of the strong language that we would expect from a Speaker of the House, who has just seen all of his members campaign against this executive amnesty…When push comes to shove, when the rubber meets the road we get sold out by the Speaker of the House… I held out hope that John Boehner would stand up for American working people first: Black, white, brown, Asian– everybody in this country who’s here legally deserves the opportunity to get a job at a market wage not at a distorted market wage.”

She continued her attack on Sessions, stating “[Pete Sessions said that in the GOP’s] wildest dream [it] wouldn’t think of deporting anyone from the United States. Is Pete Sessions working with Guatemala and Honduras to bring more people into the country? Because you might as well be if you say something like that. He’s putting a welcome mat for anyone who wants to cross this border illegally today… I wish we knew this before November [4]th, when the election took place…maybe we would have had some different outcomes…do you understand that you’re sent to Washington to represent the interests of Americans, not just the donor class, not just La Raza…but Americans, American families. If you want to have some consulting work in Central America, then I suggest you go down there and do that and work for them down there, but we don’t need you to work for them while we’re paying your salary here. We need you to work for us. So, I have a simple question: ‘Why do illegal immigrants get better representation in Washington than U.S. citizens?’…What is the point of having a Republican Congress?” 

Ingraham concluded “[Boehner] is calling us gripers. You know what Leadership in general is trying to do– they’re trying to quiet you. They’re trying to lull you into complacency. And even having you believe that they’re fighting for your sovereignty, and your wages, and your jobs. They are not doing it. We must send a message to Washington D.C…We must defund amnesty and that means you must call each and every Representative and Senator in your state…Put pressure on them they’re always putting pressure on us.”

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