Cruz: Don't Listen to Consultant 'Cabal' and Pick Another Romney in 2016

Cruz: Don't Listen to Consultant 'Cabal' and Pick Another Romney in 2016

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that the GOP should not listen to the “cabal” of consultants in the 2016 presidential race and should also not nominate another Bob Dole, John McCain, or Mitt Romney on Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Regarding a potential run by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Cruz stated “Jeb Bush is a good man, I think he was a good governor of the state of Florida.” And “in my view, Republicans should nominate whoever’s standing up and leading, whoever is taking on the great challenges of the day, whoever is standing up for free market principles, standing up and making the case that the Obama economy isn’t working, it’s a disaster…whoever is making the case that Obamacare is a trainwreck and we can do better [whoever’s] standing up and defending our Constitutional rights that are under assault from Washington, whoever’s standing up and defending rule of law…whoever is standing up and championing restoring America’s leadership in the world, getting back to peace through strength,” although he did not specify which candidates fit that description.

When asked about big GOP donors supporting candidates like Jeb or Chris Christie instead of Cruz, he responded “there’s this small cabal of consultants in Washington who keep running national campaigns, and they keep losing, they keep losing over and over again…what we’re doing isn’t working, and Neil, what seems clear to me is if we nominate another candidate in the mold of a Bob Dole, or a John McCain, or a Mitt Romney, and let me be clear, all three of them are good, honorable, principled men, but it isn’t working. And if we do it again, the same voters who stayed home in ’08 and ’12 will stay home in ’16 and Hillary Clinton’s the next president.”

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