Rubio: Floridians Don’t Want ‘Castro Appeaser’

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) shot back at a reporter who argued he was in the political minority for opposing normalizing relations with Cuba on Friday, arguing that election results show Florida voters don’t want “a Castro appeaser.”

The reporter cited a poll done by Florida International University that showed a majority of Cubans favored resuming diplomatic ties with Cuba and asked “how is it that you take a position that is contrary to that of the supermajority of your constituents?”

Rubio responded, “I don’t think, especially on issues of deep principle, such as human rights, dignity, and democracy that we should take our cues from a poll. Second, we have a poll every two years in this state, it’s called elections. As far as I can tell, everyone of our members of Congress that’s been elected in those districts agrees with my position, and I with their position on this issue. So where is the pro-embargo, or anti-embargo congressperson from the very district that you said was polled? I think that’s the ultimate poll. And I think people have spoken, and if tomorrow they want a Castro appeaser to be their next Senator or their next congressperson, they’ll have a right to do that, I suppose. But I just back up, and just say to you, that on matters of principle such as human rights, it shouldn’t matter if 99% of the people say it’s OK to back up a dictatorship. I hope that I will always be on the right side, even if it may not be the popular side, or the winning side in any given poll. Although, I dispute that in this case it is.”

(Video via Shark Tank)

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