Coulter: Jeffrey Epstein Is Everything UVA Case Wasn’t

Ann Coulter, columnist and author of “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican” argued that Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes were everything the Rolling Stone UVA case was hyped up to be, but ultimately wasn’t on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“This is the elites getting cozy and covering up and protecting one other” she stated. And “this is not a political case, this is what MSNBC and the rest of networks…what they thought these fraternity rapes were, what they thought the [Duke] lacrosse rape [was]. This is the elites circling the wagons and protecting a pederast, it is a shocking case and that’s just the known facts.”

Coulter then laid out how the case against Epstein transpired, stating that despite “quite strong” evidence against Epstein “the same prosecutor that was going after Rush Limbaugh for back pain medication for two years, wants to give him [Jeffrey Epstein] a little ticket.” This then prompted the Palm Beach police to go to the federal government. When they did, the US Attorney’s office came under “astonishing attacks” from Epstein’s lawyers, which included Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz, according to Coulter. Eventually, Epstein agreed to plead guilty to a state charge and received a light sentence.

She then reported that some of Epstein’s victims were suing to re-open the case and breach the no prosecution agreement, a process that she stated had been underway since 2008. And “the new news that brings your favorite topic into this, Bill Clinton, is Jane Doe 3 and Jane Doe 4 come forward, and their allegations involve Prince Andrew, one of them, Jane Doe 3, Alan Dershowitz the lawyer, and Bill Clinton, of course,” although she pointed out that these were just allegations, but that it was not a frivolous case

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