Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Western Liberals Are Too Afraid of Offending Muslims

Ayaan Hirsi Ali argued that too many Westerners, especially liberals, can’t bring themselves to offend Muslims and thus avoid making necessary criticisms of Islamic doctrine on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“There’s a combination of fear on one hand…I’ve been talking to journalists all day long. [they say] ‘if we republish the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, then they’ll come and firebomb us…but alongside that from the West, I think, and especially on the liberal side, is a deep seeded pity, people feeling sorry for the Muslim community. And when the Muslim community member leaders say ‘we are offended,’ we feel so sorry for them, that we can’t bring ourselves to offend them. But the way to get them out of that is to give them a form of tough love. And tough love is a love that is inclusive, but that asks the right questions in the hope, and, you know challenges these values. And that’s what we need to do now” she stated.

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