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H.R. McMaster-Endorsed Book Calls Jihad Peaceful, Al-Qaida Terrorism ‘Resistance’

TEL AVIV — A book on terrorism endorsed and touted by H.R. McMaster, the embattled White House National Security Adviser, calls Hamas an “Islamist political group” while failing to categorize the deadly organization as a terrorist group, and refers to al-Qaida attacks and anti-Israel terrorism as “resistance.”


U.S-Based Honor Killings: Victims of Growing ‘Silent Epidemic’

Honor violence, which ranges from physical to emotional abuse that can lead to “honor” killings, is a growing “silent epidemic” in the United States that “hurts and kills thousands of women and girls” annually and places “millions more at risk,” according to a women’s rights advocacy group.


Ex-Muslim Author: Radical Islam Is A Cancer That Needs To Be Cut Out

A Somali-born former Muslim has said that the “Islamic cancer” currently spreading around the world must be cut out. Aayan Hirsi Ali, the author of three books, the latest of which argues for a Muslim reformation, praised the Prime Minister David

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’93 Members of the CA Legislature Have Never Had Sex’

Syndicated columnist George Will told the inaugural “Disinvitation Dinner” of the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale that “93 members of the California legislature have never had sex.” Will was referring to the fact that 93 legislators in the California Senate and Assembly voted to pass last year’s SB 967, the so-called “yes means yes” or affirmative consent law, which requires students at state-funded colleges to obtain permission from each other for every stage of sexual contact.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali Explains to Jon Stewart How Islam Differs from Other Religions

World-renowned author and staunch critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared on the The Daily Show this week, where host Jon Stewart attempted to challenge her assertion that Islam is different from the world’s three major Abrahamic religions–Judaism, Christianity, and Islam–as Hirsi Ali asserts in her latest book, Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Western Liberals Are Too Afraid of Offending Muslims

Ayaan Hirsi Ali argued that too many Westerners, especially liberals, can’t bring themselves to offend Muslims and thus avoid making necessary criticisms of Islamic doctrine on Thursday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel. “There’s a combination of fear on one