CNN Host Wonders If Female Jurors Will Convict ‘Handsome’ Aaron Hernandez

“CNN Newsroom” anchor Carol Costello wondered whether former New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez would have an advantage in front of a mostly female jury because “he’s a handsome guy” on Thursday.

“There has been much made of the makeup of the jury, lots and lots of women on the jury, and some say that’ll help Aaron Hernandez because he’s a handsome guy, there’s no clear motive for why he would murder odin lloyd, and maybe they’ll take into account, here’s a handsome guy with a fiancee, and a kid, and a $40 million contract, not possible that he shot someone” she stated.

CNN Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin agreed, saying “each and every juror is going to think exactly what you’re saying. Well, he had a $12.5 million guaranteed [contract] this was a guy who was successful, he’s good looking, he’s got this fiancee, hes’ got a family, why on earth would he do something like this?” She added that “if you’ve got just this really circumstantial case where you have some video, no gun, no statements, no confessions, no one’s really cooperating with the government, I got to tell you, it has reasonable doubt written all over it for me.”

Costello then declared “I have heard this from so many people, when they look at a picture of Aaron Hernandez, ‘he’s hot, what a waste.'”

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