Report: US Suspects Prisoner Traded for Bergdahl Has Returned to Fight

CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr reported that “several US officials” “suspect” that one of the five detainees traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl “has returned to militant activity” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Lead.”

“Several US officials now confirm to me that they do indeed suspect that one of the five detainees has returned to militant activity. Here’s what we know. The US conducts a classified program to monitor all of their communications, all five of them are in the Middle east, Persian Gulf country of Qatar, their communications monitored by the US intelligence community. In the last several months, one of them now has popped up, those communications suspect that this individual, they will not say which one of the five, has reached out to militants, and through those communications, he’s now suspected of being back involved in potentially militant activity. This has sparked a debate inside the US intelligence community. Some officials saying there is no direct threat, their communications, however, being monitored even more closely now. Other officials saying that debate about whether or not there is a threat still open, that they might now classify this man as having been confirmed to return to militant activity” she stated.

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