Abbott: ‘Obama Is Our Star Witness’ In Amnesty Suit

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), who as the state’s Attorney General filed the lawsuit against the president’s executive action predicted the suit would ultimately succeed because “Barack Obama is our star witness” on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“I think we will win all the way for one simple reason, and that is, the man you just had on the screen, Barack Obama, is our star witness. 22 times Barack Obama said he did not have the authority to implement this type of measure. And then the day after he signed this into law, he said, quote, ‘I just changed the law.’ [The exact wording was “I just took an action to change the law,” which he said 5 days after the announcement of the action] those words alone show that he violated the Constitution, and violated federal law” Abbott stated.

He added, “I think things look solid on our side, in part because of the law, but also in part because of the facts. Understand this Sean, this isn’t prosecutorial discretion like what the president just said. This is what the judge said in this case, and that is making up the law from scratch. The judge also said this was a complete abdication of the federal government to enforce the law. This is an abandonment of the law by the Obama administration, and then re-writing and making it up. That violates the Constitution.”

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