AZ Sheriff: Obama Telling Us to Sit on Our Hands

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) said that President Obama was telling law enforcement to sit on its hands regarding immigration enforcement on Thursday’s “Cavuto” on the Fox Business Channel.

“We shouldn’t be surprised that the president is actually now, threatening law enforcement officers saying that if you enforce the law[s] that are on the books now, that have been passed by Congress that the president has sworn an oath to carry out and enforce these laws, that he is going to have consequences for these law enforcement officers, meaning that they’re going to be reprimanded, that they’re going to be fired, that they’re going to be potentially brought up upon charges. We should look back at the president himself, how did the president who said he didn’t have the authority to take this action, that it’s unconstitutional, how has he done his? And now he’s turned the tables on the very people who are charged to enforce the law, threatening us to not enforce the law” he stated.

Babeu then agreed with Cavuto that his officers would have to ignore the ruling of a judge freezing the action and telling his officers “sit on their hands,” as a result of the president’s threat, responding “exactly” when Cavuto asked if this was the case.

Babeu concluded, “the president has to be stopped, and thank God we have a Republican House and the Senate, they’re trying to fight these Democrats in the Senate who are stopping even having a debate about this from the funding of Department of Homeland Security. And the president — and the courts are stepping in now and saying what the president has done is unlawful, at least at this phase.”

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