Gohmert: GOP Giving Vulnerable Dems Exec Amnesty ‘Cover’

Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said that by bifurcating DHS funding and funding for the president’s executive action on immigration, Senate Republicans were giving vulnerable Democrats “cover” on Thursday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

“You’ve got to give credit’s where credit’s due. What a wonderfully bipartisan effort on behalf of Senate Republicans, there are some vulnerable Democrats and their constituents do not want the illegal amnesty. So, by bifurcating it like this, we’re able to give the Democratic Senators some cover, so they can get re-elected” he stated.

Gohmert added, “all of this leverage, we’re not using at all…it was ridiculous for us to give up our leverage, which is not to fund the things the president cares about [during the crominbus debate]. So, what we’re in — people say ‘what’s plan B?’ This is plan B, plan A was to not fund the things the president cares about.”

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