Obama: Some Congressional Climate Change Skeptics Oil ‘Shills’

President Obama said that some of members of Congress who oppose actions on climate change are “shills for the oil companies or the fossil fuel industry” in an interview with VICE released on Monday.

When asked why there was resistance to climate change action, Obama said that “some of it’s economic, if you poll folks, they’re concerned about climate change, but they’re even more concerned about gas prices. You can’t fault somebody for being concerned about paying the bills or being able to fill up your tank to get to your job.”

President Obama continued, “in some cases, though, you have elected officials who are shills for the oil companies or the fossil fuel industry, and there’s a lot of money involved. Typically, in Congress, the committees of jurisdiction, like the energy committees, are populated by folks from places that pump a lot of oil and pump a lot of gas.”

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