Corker: Close to Veto-Proof Senate on Congress Approving Iran Deal

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) said he has strong bipartisan support and is close to the 67 senator needed to override President Barack Obama’s veto on his bill that gives Congress the chance to approve the nuclear deal with Iran.

Corker said, “On behalf of the American people Congress needs the to be playing a role.”

When host Chris Wallace asked, “The White House has said that the president would veto the kind of legislation you’re proposing. If he does, you don’t need 51 votes or even 60 votes, you need 67 votes which means 13 Democrats to override his veto. Do you have 67 votes? ”

Corker replied, “Well, I don’t know whether we have 67 votes or not, just with cosponsors and if every Republican supports it. We’ll see how that all shapes out. But we for 64 or 5 that we’re aware of today if that were the case. I talked to a number of Democrats over the weekend. There are many more that are considering this. Look, I think the American people want the United States senate to go through this deal. They understand this is one of the most important goe political agreements that will take place during this decade. This is an appropriate place for us to be. If the president feels like this is something that’s good for the nation, surely he can sell this to the United States Senate and the House.”

When Wallace asked, “The formerly top Democrat on your committee, Sen. Bob Menendez who you mentioned of New Jersey has taken a very hard line on a deal and, in fact, cosponsored your mandatory congressional review. He has just been indicted on bribery charges. Do you believe there is any connection between his opposition to the president on this and on Cuba and the fact that he’s been brought up on charges? ”

Corker replied, “I can’t — I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

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