Kirsten Powers: Obama Has Been ‘Largely Silent’ on Christian Persecution

USA Today columnist and Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers criticized President Obama for being “largely silent on” Christian persecution on Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Powers discussed a column she wrote criticizing the president’s handling of Christian persecution, stating “I feel like it’s really reaching a critical tipping point, which is Christian persecution in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and it’s something that President Obama has really been largely silent on. And I sort of pegged it off of this press conference he had with the Prime Minister of Italy, where the prime minister was asked about the 12 Christians who were thrown overboard for praying to Jesus, and the president said nothing.”

Powers did say that President Obama’s remarks about the Crusades were a “separate issue,” “there’s an ethnic — or a religious cleansing going on right now that he should acknowledge, and yes, I do expect him to acknowledge it.”

She added, “I think he has said these sort of, when he’s under pressure, he will talk about religious persecution, but he will always lump it in. Sort of like, ‘oh, well Muslims are persecuted, and Christians are persecuted.’ He won’t acknowledge what’s actually happening in the Middle East.”

Powers concluded by agreeing with O’Reilly that many American Christian leaders have also been silent about Christian persecution around the world.

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