Baltimore City Council President Blasts Media For Covering Riots

Baltimore City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young (D) criticized the media for its coverage of riots in the city during a press conference on Monday.

While Young said the riots were “unacceptable” and he was “deeply saddened,” while blasting the rioters as “thugs,” and urged people not to rush to judgement over the death of Freddie Gray. He was critical of the media, telling them, “I’m heartbroken and I’m disturbed about how the news media are focusing on the negativity of this city, and not looking at the great things that are going on in this city. We have young people who are out there protesting peacefully, but you’re not focusing on them. You’re focusing on those that are burning down buildings and rioting throughout the streets of Baltimore. Show the positive people who are out there trying to stop these folks from doing this…these are people that’s not even connected to that community. So, the media needs to make this perfectly clear. It is not the people that are living in Sandtown-Winchester, or the people who live in Gilmor Homes. These are opportunists that are out there destroying our city, and we’re not going to tolerate it.”

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