GOP Rep: Spending Billions to Stop Marijuana Use ‘Ridiculous’

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “MidPoint,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said it is “ridiculous” local law enforcement is trying to stop people” from smoking a weed in their backyard,” arguing the real gateway drug is “beer.”

Arguing the founding fathers would not agree with federal marijuana laws, he said, “Well I have found that the real gateway drug is beer,” adding the people he knows who have ruined their lives have done so with alcohol.

He continued, “People have a right to make their own lifestyle. That is what freedom is.”

Rohrabacher added, “You can’t prevent someone from doing something simply because it is bad for that person. That is that person’s judgment. Now if that person is raping somebody else or doing something that dramatically attacks someone else’s  freedom, yeah that’s what law enforcement is for. But for us to be spending billion dollars a year to protect somebody from themselves is absolutely ridiculous, and it is counter to what our founding fathers meant to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. What do people not believe in the Constitution? The 10th Amendment leaves this to the states.”

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