Stephen A. Smith on Baltimore Riots: Our Ancestors Would Be Ashamed of This Hooliganism

On Wednesday’s “First Take” on ESPN2, co-host Stephen A. Smith reacted to the video of former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis begging for peace in Baltimore.

Smith declared that with the way black ancestors fought for civil rights in the past, they would be ashamed of how the people in Baltimore are acting during the riots.

“Our ancestors, considering our history and what they had to go through and the sacrifices that they had to make to get us to this point, our ancestors would be ashamed of how we’re conducting ourselves and it needs to be said, and it needs to be addressed and it needs to be stopped because I see a whole bunch of young brothers and sisters out here right now. They’re here with us. They wouldn’t act that way.”

He added, “There’s no excuse for this and it’s a no-win proposition. You are going to lose. If you continue to conduct yourself this way and more importantly, if you pick up the phone, go on twitter or social media or whatever and condone this type of behavior, that’s hooliganism. That’s criminal activity going on, and it is against our own community.”

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