Black Radio Host That Witnessed McKinney Pool Incident: ‘I Do Not Believe That This Was About Race’

In an appearance on CNN’s “Outfront” on Monday, Benét Embry, host of the “Benét Embry Radio Show,” explained that it was his view that a pool party that went awry and led to a confrontation between several black teenagers and local police wasn’t about race.

He blamed “seven knuckleheads” for ruining what was about kids “there just having a good time.”

“I do not believe that this was about race,” Embry said. “What this was a teenage party that got out of control. It was about 130 kids there, 100 good kids there just having a good time. Out of the 130, predominantly African-American, seven knuckleheads ruined the whole thing for everybody. That’s what this is all about. I don’t think — I do not believe that officer showed up to the subdivision with the intention, ‘I’m going to go out and swing black kids around.’ I do not believe that. That’s not the way the community is set up. That’s not the community we live in. So, amidst death threats that I have received and the banning of my radio show, my neighbor had to send his son away because he is receiving death threats.”

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