Mark Steyn: Senate, White House Evacuations ‘an Appalling Reflection on American Security’

In filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday, conservative commentator Mark Steyn reacted to the days events in which both the U.S. Senate and the White House were evacuated in response to a threat.

According to Steyn, having business at both of those locations disrupted reflected poorly on the so-called “big security state” in the United States.

“[S]ome guy has just shut down the United States Senate and the White House within a space of a couple of hours,” Steyn said. “The TSA hearing will not resume today, so they get to live another day before anyone gets to throw those tough questions at them. The big security state in this country is not working and that is the lesson of these two things today. Someone on the same day has just managed to get the Senate and the White House shut down. That is an appalling reflection on American security.”

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