ESPN’s Stephen A Smith Defends O’Malley: ‘Black Lives Matter Only When We’re Killed by Somebody Who’s Not Black?’

On his Sirius-XM Mad Dog Sports Radio show Tuesday, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith defended Democratic presidential candidate and former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD) for saying “all lives matter” after he was booed by a crowd for his comments.

Smith acknowledged that black lives do matter and he understands why that saying has been so prevalent with the publicity of recent deaths of African-Americans, but he also explained that all lives matter and he scolded “an abundance of African-Americans” for forcing a white O’Malley to apologize for his comments.

“I have to say this, I guess rhetorically. to my brothers and sisters, because I am a black man. Where’s the noise about black lives matter when black folks are killing black folks? That’s where you lose me. So a presidential candidate, who isn’t black, happens to stand up and says, ‘all lives matter.’ Hillary Clinton who may probably get the democratic nomination, says ‘all lives matter’ and she has to come back and retract. So we mandate that they say, ‘black lives matter,’ but we’ve got black folks dying at the hands of black folks in this country, and we’re not hearing that. At least, we hadn’t been hearing that. Don’t get me started on the murders in Chicago.”

He continued his rant, saying, “Black folks are killing black folks everyday, and we never heard ‘black lives matter.’ So, what are we saying? That black lives matter only when we’re killed by somebody who’s not black?”

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