Stephen A. Smith Hints Racial Narrative Driving Eagles Coach Chip Kelly

On Monday’s “First Take” on ESPN, co-host Stephen A. Smith once again hinted that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is racist after former player Brandon Boykin was traded and said his former coach “can’t relate and that makes him uncomfortable.”

The comments echo former Eagles runningback LeSean McCoy’s comments, as well as Smith’s past comments where he hinted Kelly was a racist and when he accused Kelly of trying to change the narrative on his racism allegations.

While Smith openly explained he does not know Kelly and would not openly accuse him of being a racist, he did hint at it again that he could be racist because he is the only coach with these types of allegations by formers players.

“We got some diehard, old-school, hardcore coaches in the NFL, historically as well as presently. Whether it is the Bill Parcells or Jimmy Johnsons of the world, to a Tom Coughlin, to a Mike McCarthy, to a Bill Belichick, to a lesser degree Sean Paytons of the world and others; Andy Reid in Philadelphia for 14 years. This was never said about them and they have had a plethora of players they let go of black, white and beyond. Those things weren’t said about those guys, but suddenly it is being said about Chip Kelly? I wonder why. I think it is a legitimate question.”

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