Ben & Jerry’s Claims Rittenhouse Trial Shows ‘Justice System is Racist’ After Demanding All to be ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ in 2019

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company branded the current Kyle Rittenhouse trial another display of the “racist” American justice system after postulating that the trial would be going far differently if a black teen had done what Rittenhouse did, despite having demanded the criminal justice system view all as “innocent until proven guilty” in a 2019 statement.

Ice cream is for sale in a Ben & Jerry's store on September 23, 2021 in Miami, Florida. The state of Florida is reported to be ready to restrict purchases of Unilever PLC assets starting in late October after the company's Ben & Jerry's brand halted sales in the Israeli-occupied …

Yahoo News Stealth Edits Headline Calling Chris Pratt’s Gadsden Flag Shirt ‘White Supremacist’

Yahoo News stealth-edited its piece on A-list actor Chris Pratt, with its original headline suggesting that he was wearing a “white supremacist” T-shirt – an image resembling the Gadsden Flag. Yahoo later took out the phrase “white supremacist” after it was revealed that the report was based on nothing more than a handful of rants from unverified Twitter accounts.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 19: Actor Chris Pratt arrives at the premiere of Disney and Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2" at Dolby Theatre on April 19, 2017 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)