Breitbart’s Editor Alex Marlow: Fox News ‘Trying to Take Out Trump’ for GOP Establishment

On Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow said the first primetime debate was “a great debate — between the Fox News anchors and between Donald Trump” with “establishment” Fox “trying to take out” the businessman and GOP frontrunner.

Marlow said that pollster Frank Luntz’s declaration that the primetime debate was “the destruction of a presidential campaign” for Trump is “wishful thinking.” He continued, “We saw what last night’s debate was, which was a great debate. It was a great debate between the Fox News anchors and between Donald Trump. There was also, I enjoyed the [Chris] Christie-Rand [Paul] spat. That was good too. But, for the most part, we saw that Fox was on a mission: they’re trying to take out Donald Trump.” He continued: “Fox is positioning themselves as a centrist network, as an establishment Republican network. They’re not interested in Donald Trump and his supporters. His supporters are grassroots conservatives, and that’s why he does so well.”

Marlow was then asked by substitute host Kate Boulduan what was wrong with “pushing” Trump? He answered, “There’s nothing wrong with pushing him on his record. It’s just the vitriol and the tone, I think made Trump seem like a victim. He was sitting there smiling in the beginning, while he’s essentially getting badgered.” Marlow said that he expected the opening to have something to do with Hillary Clinton or specific policy positions. “No, it was just, ‘are you going to pledge allegiance to the Republican Party?’ This is clearly a gotcha question, and it was a gotcha debate.”

He added, “There were lots of gotcha questions throughout the debate. It was peppered with it, reading from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, you can’t get more gotcha than that, when we’re going up against presumably Hillary Clinton, married to Bill Clinton, accused serial sexual harasser, with accusations still on the table.”

The Breitbart editor concluded by noting that while Fox anchor Megyn Kelly’s “war on women” line of questioning centered on Mr. Trump’s tweets, the candidates were not asked about the record number of women out of the work force. “He’s mean, sure, Kate,” Marlow said, “but he was also mean to Frank Luntz when he called him a low-class slob earlier today.”

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