Gen. Hertling: Trump’s Plan to Beat ISIS Is ‘Laughable and Dangerous’

Earlier this week on CNN’s “New Day,” CNN’s military analyst Ret. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saying his plan against ISIS is  to “take the oil away,” with U.S. troops is “laughable and dangerous.”

Hertling said, “Well, as he has said, he is a better general than I. So, as a military man, he knows that all plans have to be feasible, credible and practical. The plan that he’s concocting right now doesn’t meet any one of those categories. And, in fact, I would say, it is — it does meet a category of laughable and dangerous. There are people around the world are listening to this and not quite understanding what is going on in America with a guy that’s suggesting we just bomb and send troops in to steal the oil. It’s just not a good suggestion politically.”

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