Maher: Even If Hillary’s Email Broke the Law, ‘Is It As Important As Climate Change?’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher wondered whether climate change is more important than whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke the law with her private email server on Friday.

Maher stated that Benghazi and Clinton’s email scandal “aren’t actual problems that effect Americans.” He continued, “I keep trying to be fair about, I’m trying to find some reason I should be upset with Hillary for using her, what? Work server when it should have been her home server, or vice versa? And just can’t find a there there.”

After National Review writer Charles Cooke cited various federal laws that Clinton violated, Maher countered that the email scandal reminds him of former President Bill Clinton’s scandal involving his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky because “Yes, he lied under oath, technically, but –.”

Maher later added that the Fox News Channel has spent more time on the email scandal than it did “on all the screw-ups in Iraq.”

Maher then asked Cooke, “Even if it’s something — even if it’s everything you say, is it as important as climate change, or healthcare or –?”

After Cooke retorted that violations of federal law mattered, Maher wondered what is on Clinton’s email and wondered if she was swapping child pornography with Jared Fogle. And that he was “so tired” of the story he would “blow his brains out.”

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