McLaughlin: ‘Prior Restraint On Speech’ Has Been Empowered On College Campuses

“McLaughlin Group” host John McLaughlin argued “an atmosphere of prior restraint on speech” has been empowered on college campuses on Friday.

McLaughlin said, “Once citadels of free expression and occasional revolutionary ideas, today many American colleges have endorsed political correctness. Terms such as ‘microaggression,’ describing an inadvertent act of offense, have entered the college lexicon, empowering an atmosphere of prior restraint on speech. And many colleges are also disinviting speakers in fear of offending certain elements of their student communities.” And “American colleges are now increasingly reflexive in maintaining politically correct dialogue over controversy, and some say universities have lost sight of education’s ultimate purpose.”

He later added, “It also says a lot about what these promoters of this idea [political correctness] think about the quality of college students. And they imagine them, I guess, as frail creatures and they have to be sheltered from disturbing thoughts, lest they become afraid, or insecure.”

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