Paul: America Doesn’t Want ‘Pitiful,’ ‘Buffoon’ Trump Who Calls Woman Ugly

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s  “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said, “America is about done with” his opponent GOP front-runner Donald Trump because he is a “buffoon who insults women and calls them ugly,” and that has “become pitiful.”

Paul said, “I think America is about done with him. I think we are ready to move on. I sensed that in the debate. There was up a silliness and lack of seriousness on his part that I think America will be done with him. The debate I think will reshuffle the pack. And I think it’s the beginning of starting talking about the real issues.”

He continued, “I think America is tired of it. I think the sophomoric jibes, I mean his insult to Carly Fiorina was just way over the top. No one in America thinks you want a buffoon who insults women and calls them ugly.  Nobody wants that. And I think the the first time people hear that, some people will laugh at sophomoric jokes and I think they have for a few months now but I think the laughing is over. And now it’s almost become pitiful. And I think its at the point people are ready to move on.”

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