High School Football Players Who Blindsided Referee Claim Coach Told Them to Do It

Victor Rojas and Michael Moreno, the two Texas high school football players who intentionally hit a referee from behind during a game two weeks ago, spoke out on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday, shifting the blame from themselves to their coach and referee.

With their attorney alongside them, Moreno said the coach told him to do it, while Rojas said that the command came from the coach, but was relayed to him by one of his teammates, citing racial slurs from the referee towards the Hispanic and black players, as well as “unjustified calls.”

“The coach pulled me and another player and told us, ‘You need to hit the ref. He needs to pay the price,'” recalled Moreno of the incident.  “You know, you put your trust into this grown-up, a guardian, your coach who’s been there, for me, since my sophomore or freshman year and I trust him that he wants the best for me and I just did what I was told.”

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