High School Football

High school Football

High School Football Remains the People’s Choice

All of the following are matters of choice: Playing high school football, attending high school football games, watching high school football on TV, or supporting the sport in any other form. In other words, no one is forcing anyone else to engage in the world of tackle football.

jumbotron texas

Texas School Mum on Who Pays for $500K Jumbotron

Frustration abounds in an east Texas school district over who will pay for a nearly half-million dollar high school football stadium jumbotron that administrators recently pitched and the board of trustees approved to purchase out of school bond money until taxpayers pushed back.


Court Decides Outcome of High School Football Game

It appears that high school football teams will need lawyers as well as coaches standing on the sidelines in light of the recent officiating snafu during the Illinois Class 7A state semifinal game last weekend.


SC High School Bans American Flag From Football Games

A South Carolina high school is defending itself after not allowing students to bring American flags into their football games Friday, WNCN reports. The principal of Travelers Rest High School reasoned the decision was made because the American flag had been used


Watch: High School Football Player Pokes Opponent in Eye

According to a report from Minneapolis Star Tribune, a Minnesota high school football player is currently under investigation after he was caught on video gouging an opponent’s eye. During the Class 1A Prep Bowl championship game between Minneapolis North High School

Football Ref Struck

Another Texas Football Ref Struck by High School Player

For the second time in as many weeks, Texas high school football fans watched a football referee struck by a player. This second incident of violence took place in the same city as last week’s shocking assault of a game official by two players.

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PETA Makes Massillon Tigers Mascot ‘Obie’ Endangered Species at HS Football Games

The Massillon Washington High School Tigers playing their opening game of the season sans their live tiger cub mascot “Obie” on the sidelines might be like going to a Phillies game and not seeing the Phanatic, a USC football game not seeing Tommy Trojan, maybe as bad as going to Kentucky Fried Chicken with no Colonel Sanders.