Krauthammer: Obama’s Statement on Oregon Shooting ‘100% Knee-Jerk’ While ‘The Bodies Are Still Warm’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized President Obama’s statement on the Umpqua Community College as a “100% knee-jerk” statement while “the bodies are still warm” on Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer stated, “I don’t doubt that the president’s statement was 100% sincere, and 100% knee-jerk. He has no idea what the gun was, how it was obtained, who the person is, and what the motive is. What does he do if it turns out that it was a terrorist. Obama himself said there’s a special category if it’s a terrorist, we don’t know whether it is. And to make a pronouncement at this time, when, I hate to say it, the bodies are still warm and the wounded are now in surgery at least premature ”

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