Watch: Trump Does ‘SNL’ Open, Mocks Heckling Bounty

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump mocked the heckling bounty put on him during his opening monologue on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Trump joked, “many of the greats have hosted, as you know, this show, like me, in 2004.” He added that he’s hosting the show because nothing better to do.

Trump then said, “I’m a nice guy. I don’t hold grudges against anybody, like Rosie O’Donnell. She said some things about me that were hurtful and untrue. I said some things about her, that were mean, but completely accurate. The fact is, when I showed up for rehearsal, Rosie was here to support me. Come on out, Rosie.” Although, it turns out Trump mistakenly thinks cast member Aidy Bryant is O’Donnell.

Trump also had two cast members do impressions of him, which he said don’t have his talent, money, or good looks, during this, someone yelled, “You’re a racist!” And “Trump’s a racist!” It turns out that the heckler is actually Larry David, when Trump asks what he’s doing, David responded, “I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.” Trump responds that he can respect that as a businessman.

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