CBS Minnesota Mocks Christians for Being Offended by Starbucks Cups

On Monday’s CBS Minnesota, Kim Johnson, Matt Brickman and Jason DeRusha all reacted to the report that a former pastor has spoken out against Starbucks’ removal of Christmas ornaments on its cups. The pastor, Joshua Feuerstein, made a video that went viral telling people how to trick baristas into putting “Merry Christmas” on the cups.

The CBS reporters then mocked Feuerstein and other Christians upset at Starbucks.

“Obviously, Starbucks hates Jesus,” said DeRusha.

“I’m not seeing my blue and gold Hanukkah cups. Where are those?” asked Brickman. “Are people really upset about this? Christmas isn’t pervasive enough that they needed another coffee cup?”

DeRusha replied that this is the “war on Christmas,” adding, “You now, the snowflake is one of the most important symbols of Christianity.”

“Also the reindeer,” chimed Johnson.

(h/t Chicago Tribune)

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