MSNBC Guest: ‘So-Called Christian People’ ‘Mocking’ the Story of Jesus for Opposing Syrian Refugees Coming to U.S.

Saturday on MSNBC, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, the Senior Minister of Middle Collegiate Church, reacted to the response of “so-called Christians” who only want other Christians to come to the United States, saying they are “mocking” the story of Jesus, who she called a refugee.

“With these so-called Christian people saying that, you know, ‘We should close our borders except for anybody who’s a Christian,’ they’re sort of mocking the faith of the Jewish rabbi who was born in a stable and who himself was a refugee. You know the story.”

Lewis then later brought up Dylann Roof’s shooting of eight church goers in a Charleston, SC church, asking if we should “round up all the 22-year-olds and deport them.”

“Here’s what we know to be true. We know a Lutheran, so-called Christian kid, 22-years-old, took a rifle, went and sat in a church in Charleston; killed the pastor and eight congregants. We know that happened. That’s terrorism. Are we going to round up all the 22-year-old Christians and deport them?”

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