McCain: ‘I Worry’ if Trump Is Nominee, He Could Cost GOP the Senate

Wednesday at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said if Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is his party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Republicans could lose control of the Senate.

USA Today’s Susan Page asked if Trump is the nominee “will he cost Republican the Senate?”

McCain replied, “Obviously we all know from history that if you have a weak top of the ticket that has a significant effect on the states, particularly the swing states. If it is an unpopular. You know I hate to refer to Barry Goldwater, who I loved and admired. But the fact is when Barry Goldwater lost, we lost big time.”

He continued, “Of course I worry Susan. All of have to worry about the viability of the top of ticket.”

In the second video McCain added, “You cannot alienate Hispanic voters and expect to win an election,”

Watch (Part 2):

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