Dem Senator Kaine: Obama Not Doing Enough to Defeat Islamic State

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) said President Barack Obama needs to do more in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

When asked if Obama was doing enough to fight ISIS, Kaine said, “There are three interlocking problems: the war against ISIL, the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II in Syria and the Syrian civil war. They all connect, and in each one you’ve got to do a little bit more.”

Kaine said on ISIL, “Let’s start with Congress authorizing it and showing the American resolve.”

He continued, “On the humanitarian crisis we made a mistake by not doing the no-fly zone in northern Syria. We could have done it two years ago, probably would’ve stopped two million people from leaving. We can still do it and it will still have an effect.”

He concluded, “On the civil war, that’s going to be the key and at least the parties are back around the table in Vienna. And we have to really push that. This will continue to be a problem. It’s going to be a problem anyway but it will always be a problem as long as the civil war is going on.”

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