Coulter: GOP Candidates ‘Monkeys’ — Only Trump Can Save U.S. From Turning Into ‘Uganda’

Thursday on the “The Joyce Kaufman Show,” while discussing Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate, conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter warned only GOP front-runner Donald Trump recognizes that “the threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda.”

Commenting on that field, Coulter said, “When you take Trump out of our race, they are really all monkeys.”

“These guys all want to be like Reagan,” she added. “When Reagan ran was he constantly saying, ‘Elect me, I’ll be Calvin Coolidge.’ For Pete’s sake, Reagan was elected 35 years ago. The world was a different place. The main problem facing America is no longer the threat of a nuke from the Soviet Union. It’s not encroaching communism. The threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda.”

When the host added, “And racial Islam sees its opening. That’s even scarier. We will be a third-world banana republic and radical Islam will have its way with us,” Coulter added.

On the topic of Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus’ opening statement at the debate welcoming Hispanics, Asians, and women, Coulter said, “What on earth? And, by the way, I noticed that white men weren’t included on the list of people that Republicans stand for. Why are Republicans embarrassed about getting white votes? What is that? Democrats can’t get them, I can see why Democrats are always going around dissing white people, but why does the Republican have to be embarrassed about getting white votes?”

When asked how this will end, Coulter said, “I know how it ends—President Trump.”

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