Stephen A: Odell Beckham Jr ‘Had Vicious Intent’ — Should Be Suspended a Game for Actions Against Panthers

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reacted Monday on “First Take” to New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s three unnecessary roughness penalties, among numerous other non-penalized scrums with Carolina Panthers defensive players in their game Sunday.

Smith said amid the current concussion issue in the NFL, there is “no question” Beckham should be suspended a game for the “most vicious intent” with his helmet-to-helmet blindside hit on Panthers cornerback Josh Norman.

“There is no question Odell Beckham Jr. should be suspended for a game. When you launch your helmet into Josh Norman in that fashion, you have crossed the line. When you take into account the fact that the league obviously is fixated on the concussion issue, helmet-to-helmet hits and things of that nature and that stuff has permeated the NFL for the last several years. They are fixated on this issue, sticklers for this issue. You knew this coming into this game.”

“To do something like that, you clearly had the most vicious intent for that kind of action. That alone warrants the one-game suspension,” Smith continued. “Odell Beckham Jr., this dude is a superstar of the highest order, as far as I’m concerned, and he has conducted himself like nothing more than a petulant child.”

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