Heilemann: ‘All Sides’ Will Turn Obama Into a ‘Piñata’ If Israel Spying Report True

Wednesday evening on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” while discussing  a Wall Street Journal report saying the Obama administration is spying on friendly world leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his conversations with members of Congress, co-host John Heilemann predicted both Republicans and Democrats would turn on Obama if it is true.

Heilemman asked his guest co-host Nicolle Wallace, “How big is this? On a scale of one to Godzilla, what are the implications that might come out?”

Wallace replied, “I think this is like Godzilla’s daddy. This is a big Godzilla. This could have political ramifications inter-party. It would be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton parts ways, with the Obama White House who obviously had a hand in this if you believe the reporting on this “The Wall Street Journal” account. And whether or not Ted Cruz goes off from the more establishment types running for the Republican nomination. And whether they divide among themselves. Obviously, I think this will have a huge ramification for foreign policy and diplomatic relations with Israel. For the White House’s ability to deal with Congress. But also within each party on the presidential campaign.”

Heilemman said, “I totally agree. This is a huge deal, the Obama administration here seems to be caught doing something that flies directly in the face of President Obama’s stated principles and policies. If it is true, it’s not cataclysmic, but it will certainly occupy a lot of airtime. He’s going to get it from all sides, people who were critics of spying, people who are friends of Israel, people who believe in the institutional integrity of the U.S. Congress. There is going to be no price not paid for beating up on the Obama administration, and everyone will turn the administration into a piñata pretty quick on this if it is true.”

Wallace added, “I think that’s right.”

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