Limbaugh: Double Standard for Whites Compared to Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics on Anger

Tuesday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to a poll from NBC News that found whites and Republicans were the angriest of all Americans.

According to Limbaugh, that anger is justifiable. However, he complained that media’s reaction to those finding in the poll is much different that when any other ethnic groups show signs of anger.

“Liberalism is responsible for so much violence,” Limbaugh said. “In fact, look at this anger business. Notice when white people are mad, ‘Oh, that’s bad,’ and we’re supposed to condemn it and blame talk radio. When anybody else is mad, Muslims, African-Americans, Hispanics, we’re supposed to stop and understand the rage. We’re supposed to study and learn from it. We’re supposed to figure out why they’re mad. And we are then told that the reasons they’re mad, why, they make sense, they’re justifiable. White people anger, constantly is unjust, it’s illegitimate and must be condemned. There’s no reason whatsoever white people should ever be mad. And if you are, there’s something wrong with you and we’re gonna get to the bottom of it and probably find out you listen to talk radio. But when they’re looting and rioting in Baltimore, St. Louis, stand back. When they’re blowing up the World Trade Center we’re supposed to stand back and understand the rage and ask ourselves what are we doing that makes them so mad. But not when white people get mad. When white people get mad we condemn talk radio, we condemn white people and so forth. Very, very inconsistent.”

Limbaugh hypothesized there were political motivations behind the those reactions aimed at majorities in the United States.

“That’s why this is all political, folks,” he continued. “You know, whenever you see white people are angry it’s just a disguised assault on what the left thinks is still the majority of the country. They hate majorities. They despise majorities. Majorities in their world, by definition, are corrupt and racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic. That’s exactly what a majority is, and that’s why when Republicans are the majority it’s never supposed to be treated as such, and that’s why we start to hear about minority rule and minority power. And that’s what this is. This is an attack on majority thinking. It’s an attack on majority cultures, majority values, majority lifestyles. It’s an attack on the basic structure of the country disguised as, ‘We really care about violence and care about changing, and we really, really want to stop as much violence.’ And it’s not about that at all. Everything they do is political.”

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