Dershowitz on Talking About Israel on Campuses: ‘I Need Armed Guards Protecting Me From Radical Leftist Students’

In an appearance on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz explained how things have gotten difficult on some college campuses for those wanting to espoise various forms of conservative speech.

Dershowitz explained how things have changed over the last 60 years, where left-of-center speech was once attack, to now, which is a time when conservative speech is threatened.

“In fact when I was first teaching in the ’50s there were attempts to censor speech by Senator McCarthy,” Dershowitz said. “The right-wing was trying to censor left-wing speech. Now it’s the hard left that’s trying to censor right-wing speech, conservative speech, Christian speech, pro-Israel speech, you name it. And this idea of safe spaces we have to distinguish between safe spaces for ideas, there should be none, and physically safe places where you’re not intimidated or you’re not threatened. And Christian speakers, pro-Israel speakers, speakers that are not politically correct today, have their physical safety endangered. I know when I speak on college campuses in favor of Israel, I need armed guards protecting me from radical leftist students who would use physical intimidation. They won’t give me a safe space. They won’t give pro-Israel students a safe space, they won’t give Christian students a safe space. For example, when a group of Christians who were against abortion said all lives matter, and you know, you may agree or disagree with that formulation, they were attacked. They were told to be subject to training, and sensitivity, and the president of Smith College had to apologize for using that term.”

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