Cowherd: Donald Trump Like Cam Newton — Neither Typical for Their Leadership Positions

On Thursday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd compared GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump to Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton.

According to Cowherd, Trump’s feud with Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and his Twitter spats are too “petty” and “small” to be “presidential,” while Newton’s on-field actions and lack of humility are not, as Cowherd coined it, “quarterback-ial.”

“I’m watching some Donald Trump and I’m watching this Cam Newton thing develop and there’s a saying called being presidential. One of my problems, I could not vote for Donald Trump. It doesn’t have to do with his policies. For the record, I don’t know where he stands on policy. Donald’s mostly about bluster and making us laugh and, you know, but he’s not presidential. Think about this. He has his finger on the button if he’s president. I watch him on Twitter. Even when he has his finger on the retweet button he has no discipline. I want my presidents to be big and broad and have a high eq and not be petty and small and get in little fights.”

Cowherd then played a clip of Newton saying in a press conference, “I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

“Just like Donald Trump turns me off because he’s not presidential, we should create a new word called being ‘quarterback-ial.’ The number one seller of jerseys is black quarterback Russell Wilson,” Cowherd explained. “It ain’t a black thing. We like our quarterbacks to be presidential. If it was a race thing, Russell Wilson is at the top of the charts. Here’s the quarterbacks who have kind of been polarizing the last five years: Johnny Manziel, [Colin] Kaepernick, Cam. It is a kiss a bicep, money sign, dab thing. We, I, like our presidents to be presidential. We’re use to our quarterbacks being ‘quarterback-ial.’ Humble, somebody else won. Tom Brady just wrote a letter to fans apologizing for a loss. That sits well with fans. We feel your pain.”

The radio host also added that the three biggest leadership positions in America are the president, CEOs and quarterbacks and there is a certain way to act if you are in one of those positions.

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