Cam Newton: ‘I Didn’t Mean’ My Comments ‘As a Race Thing’

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton gave an interview with ESPN’s Trey Wingo during halftime of the NFL’s Pro Bowl Sunday. Newton sparked some controversy last week with his comments about being an African-American quarterback who may scare some people because cannot be compared to any other quarterbacks previously seen.

The 2015 NFL MVP front-runner explained his comments by saying he did not mean for them to come off racially charged, but rather that he did not want to be labeled as a quarterback like he was when he was coming out of college at Auburn.

“I said that I’m not a person that can necessarily be labeled because when I was coming out, I was labeled to guys that no longer are in this league,” Newton said. “I didn’t mean it to come off as a race thing; I didn’t mean it to come off as anybody that’s being brash or flamboyant about a specific question. I was saying facts. I am hoping to be a trail blazer to give an avenue not only for African-American quarterbacks, but athletic quarterbacks as well.”

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