WATCH: New Hamas Music Video Celebrates ‘Flying Bus Roof’

Ynetnews reports:  A new music video aired on Sunday on Hamas’s al-Aqsa TV network urges the resumption of suicide bombings on Israelis.  The video shows portraits of Yahya Ayyash (Hamas’s deceased chief bombmaker) and the murderers of the Henkin couple, and a blackened Egged bus billowing smoke.

The Lebanese band responsible for the video, the Promise of Islamic Art, was formed in 1992, and is affiliated with Hamas. It has written numerous songs that support the organization and its military wing.

Last week, Hamas praised the attack in Jerusalem that killed 19-year-old Border Policewoman Hadar Cohen, one of the most well-organized attacks in recent months: “We welcome the action that the three heroic fighters performed in occupied Jerusalem.



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