Buchanan: Pope’s Trump Statement ‘Terrible Mistake,’ ‘Element of Anti-Americanism’ In His Political Statements

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan stated that the statement about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by Pope Francis “was a terrible mistake” and that the Pope’s statements on politics have “an element of anti-Americanism in there … anti-capitalism” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said the pope is “He’s anti-capitalist, politically. He’s not speaking as…pope on faith and morals. He engages in politics, and when he does, there’s an element of anti-Americanism in there, if you will, anti-capitalism, and to come out and intrude into an American election, was a terrible mistake on his part, I think. And I think that Donald Trump should have answered him. I would not have used the term ‘disgraceful,’ but I think he should have answered him and just said, ‘Look, there’s Vatican walls around [the] Vatican. Every inner city in Europe has walls.'”

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