Pope Francis I

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Highly Political Pope Calls for ‘Open Hearts’ for Forced Immigrants

Pope Francis I celebrated Mass on the Mexican side of the Texas-Mexican border, made the sign of the cross, and blessed the people gathered there in Ciudad Juarez. He then called for governments and others to have “open hearts” to the “tragedy that is forced migration.”


Levin: Pope Francis and Obama ‘Speak Down To Us’

Talk radio host Mark Levin argued that President Obama and Pope Francis I “speak down to us about so many things” on Thursday. Levin stated, “We have a president and a pope who speak down to us about so many


Earnest: I Haven’t Seen the Pro-Life Part of Pope’s Encyclical

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that he hadn’t seen the part of Pope Francis I’s encyclical that strongly condemns abortion during Monday’s press briefing. Earnest, when asked about the parts of the encyclical where the pope argues that