Stephen A. Smith Attacks PC Culture: ‘It’s a Damn Shame’

MOBILE, AL — Monday, while speaking to a group at the University of South Alabama, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith ripped into political correctness.

First, he noted how black people have the “n-word” and how people “outside of the black community” were “tired” of being worried about saying offensive things to black people, so they reversed it by finding things offensive to them that black people could not say.

“Everybody’s in an uproar, everybody’s gotta be PC and everybody’s gotta be safe. And you don’t know what the hell is going on. I mean, it’s a damn shame.”

He then joked, “If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, do I call you missus madame, what do I say?”

The ESPN personality continued his rant on political correctness, saying it keeps people away from the truth.

“We’ve adopted such a PC mentality that it’s all about being careful and nothing’s about truth. That’s the challenge we’re dealing with,” Smith added.

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