Tom Rogan: Trump Is ‘Unstable’ ‘At a Sociopathic Level’

National Review Columnist, Steamboat Institute Senior Fellow, and Opportunity Lives Senior Contributor Tom Rogan stated that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “really, at a sociopathic level, is unstable” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Rogan began by saying, “I get, from this campaign especially, talking to people, why a lot of — you know, why there is that deep vein of anger. My grandfather, a great example, that he just has no time, for really anyone but Trump, because it’s a manifestation of anger.”

He added, “But the problem, from my perspective, is that Trump isn’t just an orator providing an angle for that anger. He is someone that really, at a sociopathic level, is unstable. I mean, the way that he cannot deal with criticism, the way that he threatens to sue the press, I mean, he wants the world to be his stage, but he would turn it into – there’s such an inherent, unpredictability to the man, that there’s a deep concern there.”

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