WATCH: Israeli Start-Up Takes On ‘Grand Challenge’ Of Beating Zika

The Times of Israel reports: An Israeli start-up called Biofeed has been awarded half a million shekels to advance its solution in the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, carrier of the Zika virus.

Biofeed, along with nine other start-ups, was awarded the prize last week as part of the Grand Challenges Israel contest. Modeled on government-sponsored programs in the US, Canada, India, Brazil, China and others, the program invites entrepreneurs with innovative technology that could help solve problems in Africa, Asia, South America, and even poverty-stricken areas in the West to submit their ideas and projects.

Last week, the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Economy Ministry, along with the Mashav international development division of the Foreign Ministry, chose the winners.

“Much of the world’s population is suffering from lack of food and access to clean water and exposure to diseases. Israeli entrepreneurs have developed technologies that will improve the quality of life for billions around the world.” said Mashav director Gil Haskel.

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