Simone Campbell: ‘What Happened To the Rule of Law?’ With Gitmo, Some Illegals ‘Have a Right To Stay’

NETWORK Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell argued that illegal immigrants who are “working hard” and have children who are US citizens “have a right to stay” after bemoaning the lack of “rule of law” in the treatment of some detainees at Guantanamo Bay on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time.”

During a discussion on Guantanamo Bay, Campbell said, “[P]eople have not been charged, or tried, and what happened to rule of law? That’s the whole principle of the Constitution.”

After the discussion turned to illegal immigration, Campbell argued that it’s “important” to allow parents who are in the US illegally, but have children who are US citizens, and that deporting the parents is “wrong in the richest nation on earth. When we’ve got people supporting our community, working hard, they have a right to stay.”

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