Cruz: I’ll Move Our Israel Embassy to Jerusalem, Hillary and Trump Will Break Their Promise To Do So

Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz argued that he will move the US’ embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, while Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump will not on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Final 5 Candidates.”

Cruz stated, “I will do what I said. We will move the embassy to Jerusalem. And you’re right, Republicans and Democrats have said this for year, after year, after year.”

He added, “Today at AIPAC, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton before him both promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Everyone watching them knows, if they get into the White House, they will exercise the waiver, and they won’t move it to Jerusalem. Indeed, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton, that’s what Bill Clinton did, is exercise the waiver. The difference is, when I say I’m going to do something, I do it.”

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